ShaggySwag 101

Your Monthly Base Delivery

Every month you can expect to receive a themed box that includes the following products:

✅ 2 Super Fun Toys

✅ 2 Healthy and Delicious Treats (USA/Canada Made)

✅ 1 Scrumptious and long lasting Chew

Each month the box is "inspired" by a theme. Past examples include: BeachBox, Into the Wild, Let's Have Fun Ok, Spooky Box, and Party Like a RockStar. Our base products retail value up to $40.00.

All Monthly ShaggySwag plans and products are subscription based and will automatically renew on the 11th of every month. Prepaid plans renew at the end of your plan length. The ShaggySwag plan you choose is a commitment to the length of that plan.

Your 1st Box's Monthly Add-Ons and One Time Products.

After selecting your ideal plan, you can add on additional everyday dog products in our monthly add-ons section or add-on one time purchases such as clothing, accessories, health supplements, grooming supplies, essentials, and much more. All of these amazing products are at special Shaggy Member Pricing. Always a Customized Delivery! 


Your Recurring Subscription Add-On Period: 11th - 18th

Every month on 11th, you will receive via email your customer monthly add-ons link. This customer link will give you exclusive access to highly discounted and seasonal products that are available on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Make sure to be on the look out on the 11th as we generally sell out very quickly! Every month always has something new and unique for you to add-on to your monthly box.

This is one of the top Shaggy Subscriber Benefits. You do not want to miss this email when it arrives.

Loved by Dogs and Dog Parents Everywhere. 

Any Breed, Any Size, Any Age, Any Temperament... We've got your pup covered with the most customizable options available in any dog subscription box. 

ShaggySwag is for you if you are looking for a Monthly Supply of everyday dog-life essentials in addition to a super fun inspired by box filled with your pup's favorites. Each month brings you a box of goodies you can't find in the stores!  

Your ShaggySubscription is completely controlled by you in your account. From your customer account page, you can update billing, update your shipping address, toggle on and off monthly products, chat with a live customer support team member, and even skip and/or cancel your subscription. Unlike other subscriptions out there, we give you complete control of your account.

Shaggy Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Absolutely love Shaggy deliveries for Jerry and Figgy. The monthly delivery is the perfect amount of fun for him and necessities for me. And I am starting to become a super shopper of their add-ons. Every 11th day of the month I LIVE for their opening of add-ons. Put simply, there is no other box like it"

"Carly is VERY picky with what she likes. Thankfully with ShaggySwag I can pick exactly what I need each month for her, and myself."

Top Questions! Our Answers

Can I track my Package? 

Yes, you can! Visit your account page to handle all of your subscription needs! Tracking will be made available when the box ships.  

Can I change to your cheaper Annual Plan? 

Of Course! You can do that within your account page. Visit your account page. Just a quick note, switching to an annual plan you are committing to the length of your plan

How do I change anything associated with my subscription? 

Visit your account page to handle all of your subscription needs! 

I might have screwed up my order, please help! 

Deep breath! We will make sure to get this handled for you as soon as we can. Please email [email protected] with any concerns/questions/need for help. 

What if I have more than 1 dog, can I order 2 or more subscriptions at once? 

Yes, you can! Right before checkout, in the pup profile page, you can add another dog before you checkout. Have more than 2 dogs? Yep, we can still handle that! 

My dog is allergic or has sensitivities to certain food and treats, can I still subscribe? 

Yes, we ask you about your dog's allergies/sensitivities in the purchasing process. We will avoid those treats in your monthly delivery. If you have a dog with a lot of sensitivities/strong allergies, we HIGHLY recommend the TOY ONLY option

What's the difference between you and the other dog subscription boxes out there? 

Great Question! We set out from the beginning to create a monthly experience that fit every dog and dog owner. That is why everything is customizable with our subscription. After you select your ShaggyPlan, you customize every delivery with add-ons and one time products.  It is up to you and your dog with regards to what you receive in your monthly box. That makes our dog subscription box totally unique. 

Are there any benefits to being a ShaggySwag Subscriber?  

Yes, there are a lot of benefits to being a ShaggySwag subscriber. In addition to fantastic customer service, as a ShaggySwag subscriber, you will receive: ✔️Up to 75% off everyday dog products via add-ons ✔️Special Subscriber-Only Sales and Products

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